Research projects of HEP lab

Project titleProject typeSponsorStatus
"Studies on FL and xF3 structure functions of hadrons in lepton-nucleus scaterring and related nuclear effects"MajorBRNS, MumbaiCompleted (2015)
"Studies on gluon distribution function and recombination of partons"MajorUGC, New DelhiCompleted
"Studies on the relativistic and dynamical spinning sphere models of the electron"MajorBRNS, MumbaiCompleted
"Studies on hadron structure functions"MajorUGC, New DelhiCompleted (September, 2005)
"Gluons at low x"MinorTezpur university, TezpurCompleted (March, 2001)
"Nucleon structure functions at low-x"MajorDST, New DelhiCompleted (August, 2000)